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The Brown Ranger

The Brown Ranger

Luis Valdez aka ( The Brown Ranger) born in Monterey Mexico and raised in Milford, Delaware started going to cons back in 2014. Started off as a con goer that fell in love with the community and the art form known as cosplay. 2015 is when The Brown Ranger took on the challenge and made his first cosplay which was Baymax from Big Hero which was made all out of cardboard. Ever since that day the rest has been history. Now a days you can find him in front or behind the camera at cons of people taking pictures of him or The Brown Ranger himself taking pictures with the cosplayers and as well spreading the love and positivity in the community. He has done a numerous about of cosplays from 90s such as ( Ja-kal from Mummies alive, Ickis from AHH Real Monsters, to Dennis from SpongeBob the movie). He has traveled to cons all over the US from California’s Wonder con, Atlanta for Dragon Con but you can find him up and down the east coast from up to as New York to as low as Florida. Like a wise man use to say “great power comes great responsibility” -Uncle Ben”

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