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T Perran Mitchell

T Perran Mitchell

T. Perran Mitchell is a writer, letterer, and all around maker of things. He is the creator and publisher of The Chronicles of the Tal Nor, a high adventure fantasy comic that weaves together elements of criminal drama, inventive fantasy, and realistic heroes bringing justice to a lawless world. In addition to working on his own comics, T. has contributed to numerous other projects as both a letterer and writer. Most notable writing for the Harvey nominated, Club 27 from Red Stylo Media. He currently resides in a creepy old house on the outskirts of Phoenixville PA, spending all his time crafting things from words and yarn. Visit www.tal-nor.com to check out his work.

My Comic Book: www.Tal-nor.com
Twitter: @TPerranMitchell
Blog: http://oldmanmitchell.blogspot.com/
Lettering Portfolio: http://yommer.deviantart.com/gallery/47825661/Lettering-Samples

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