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Stan Konopka

The Rejected, The Man With No Horse

Writer of the NEW horror graphic novel series “The Rejected”

Writer and Letterer of “The Man With No Horse” – a self-published Wild West horror action comic book series.

Two-time nominee for “The Spacey Award” for Best Indie Comic Writer (2016 & 2017).
C.E.O. Nemesis Studios,LLC


Find me on social media – @TheWordsOfStan
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Email: TheWriterStanKonopka@gmail.com

“The Rejected” Graphic Novel -Review
“Okay – so I put my insomnia to good use. Since I was too groggy to do anything but read I finally got around to my copy of Source Point Press’ newest Graphic Novel ‘The Rejected’ I got my autographed copy of the Garden State Comic Fest variant issue of at the show this year. I was energized by this book here is my spoiler free mini-review (which I rarely have time to write) “The Rejected” is a horror series from Source Point Press and this will more than please fans of the genre. I find almost all stories of any genre I come across these days somewhat derivative, but this story managed to surprise me and satisfy my craving for originality. Writer Stan Konopka managed to introduce an entire troop of spooky characters that make up The Rejected with a whimsical and creepy efficiency that kept me on the edge of my seat. Their leader, Mr. Teeth, however, steals the show and will keep me up the rest of the night. Konopka’s writing style is reminiscent of Joe Hill and Hill’s dad, Stephen King. I found it faster paced than either of those great writers works. The story has snippets of poetry by Michelle Joy Gallagher sprinkled throughout that give it an added touch of literary credibility. Corey Christian Anderson’s black and white artwork reflects Konopka’s writing style with a synergy not always found in books by smaller publishers. Oh, and I am still happily disturbed by the sinister visage on the GSCF variant cover by artist Keyla Valerio.”
~ Sal Zurzolo – Owner, Promoter of Garden State Comic Fest

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