UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Shady Haze 2019

Shady Haze 2019


We are excited to have @thatshadyhaze coming to Greater Philadelphia Con with her Shady Squad! Known for her #SHADYSQUAD shenanigans and craze on social media, Shady Haze is a VA cosplayer that’s been cosplaying for just a year now. She’s a social media genius when it comes to cosplay and loves connecting with cosplayers from around the world. Since her first con back in Baltimore Comic Con 2017, she’s been soaring into the realm of cosplay quickly. From her first con until now, she’s been known for her genderbend cosplays and foam builds, like Cyclops, Nightwing and Scarlet Spider. She has won Social Media Personality in Feb 2018 and was featured on cosplay magazines like Cosplay Zine and Cosplay Real Magazine. She recently won one of the Best Cyclops Cosplays of 2018. Shady Haze is currently a Coplay Ambassador for All Star Comic Con and is currently creating social media panels and livestreams for 2019. As a rising cosplayer she’s been challenging herself in new builds and is always eager to meet new friends all over the cosplay world. Let’s be a part of the #SHADYSQUAD”

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