UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

SE Brower and JL Gamet

SE Brower and JL Gamet

Artist Alley

Guardian Watch Series
Book 1
The Last Rogue Soul

By S.E. Brower & J.L. Gamet

This is our debut novel.  We have been friends for many years and through a series of unlikely events, came to be partners in this literary adventure.

Susan E. Brower is a nurse for special needs children, living in Collegeville, PA.  She has been married to her husband, Chris for 42 years in February.  They have two children, a son and daughter and five grand-children.

Joy L. Gamet lives in Schwenksville, PA with her husband, Rod of 28 years.  They have three children, two daughters and a son and four grand-children.



Instagram: @guardianwatchseries

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