UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Scorpking Costuming

Scorpking Costuming

Wendell Smith, Sr. aka Scorpking Costuming… former active duty Marine, turned cosplayer, actor and producer. When not called by name, he’s known as Scorpking Costuming. Making many of his own costumes over the past 8 years, Wendell has been one chosen to be on the cover of a Marvel Cosplay Variant comic book, Black Panther #7 to be exact. He currently cosplays 8 different versions of Tâ Challa and his father Tâ’Chaka. In the world of Cosplay, he’s done numerous characters, but his Thanos, Apocalypse, Black Panther, Saw Guerrera, Kitt Pryde, and Sith characters are what’s mostly known. He’s judged multiple costume contests at various cons over the past 9 years. Cosplay is something that has become a part of his life¦ averaging 8-10 cons a year.

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