UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020
ReBirth MxD 2019

Media FX

REbirth MxD is an FX company owned by Mario B Cisneros. REbirth MxD is a company that fears no task. They’ve been sculpting masks and suits since 2013. And ever since has been part of multiple projects around the world. Everything from fan films to feature films. REbirth MxD has also had the honor and privileged to be part a few projects surrounding himself with Todd McFarlane. Starting off the release of McFarlane car builds to fan films being blessed by him and several other actors of the original 1997 spawn movie. REbirth MxD has always believed to walk towards the darker side of FX. Taking every design into a darker world. As if horror ones was part of them. REbirth MxD is always open to a challenge. Stand close by for the future. There will be full of more surprises. Welcome to the world of REbirth MxD, the darker side of FX.

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