UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Raw Blink Productions

Raw Blink Productions

Artist Alley

Raw Blink Productions is an entertainment upstart out of the Philadelphia area. Their first project, “Column”, has launched this year and is going strong! Column is a brand new, explosive action manga series starring a cast of colorful characters you’re sure to fall in-love with! It’s WW3, and two civilians find themselves in the middle of a battle for the Lancaster airport with no backup. Lucky for them, a lone friendly tank is rolling in just on the horizon. Enter: the Helcat and its beautiful crew of feisty ladies! 

Column is an action comedy series with strong language and moderate violence. It’s cute, fun and is written to be enjoyed by anyone who loves fun characters and adventure! Column also features an exclusive AUDIO COMPONENT that is included FREE with your download of Volume 1. The audio features original music and character audio logs from a professional voice cast!

Stop by the Raw Blink Booth to take a listen to the free audio component, check out cute propaganda pinup posters and pickup your very own first edition copy of Column: Vol. 1!

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