UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Phoe-nix Nebula

Phoe-nix Nebula

At age 41 the artist known as Phoe-nix Nebula has begun to amass an impressive resume in the field of art.

Everything from children’s books, coloring books, illustrations for both novels and comics, murals, logos and now using his background in martial arts and as a music producer poet/lyricist to produce a vibe unlike any other. In 2017 he looks to debut his first self-written/drawn graphic novel Chronicles of the Melanknights which will be preceded by Fancy, a build-up to the graphic novel itself. He also uses his gifts in the arts of healing through visual channels creating a line of work centered around helping people find their path in this life as well as healing the wounds suffered along the way. Look for 2017 to be the breakout year for this rare and seclusive talent. Stepping into the light of center stage has never been his goal but it seems destiny has other plans.

instagram- phoenix.nebula.9
facebook- Phoe-nix Nebula /biz page- Unique Individuals Ink


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