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Paladins of Cosplay

Paladins of Cosplay

Cosplay Group

In 2015 the Paladins of Cosplay was a small group of 4 cosplayers. In 2017 they began to grow, become more recognized, and started winning awards for their featured cosplays. Now at 20 members and growing, they welcome like-minded individuals and continue to share their enthusiasm for the world of all things geek, nerd, and cosplay. Currently touring many of the tri-state area’s con circuit, they eventually plan on venturing out to farther reaches. The Paladins have done charity events, give tips & advice for crafting, and also provide costume / prop commissions upon request.

Brief Bio of key members:

  • Lawrence Asuncion – An Associate Director in IT by day, is considered the leader of this motley crew, with some art background and has been professionally building/crafting since 2016. He is best known for his 7ft tall Voltron costume.
  • Juan Navedo – An I.T. professional and original founding member is best known for his Wolverine cosplay. Juan is the foundation of the group.
  • Eddie Sutton Jr. – An I.T. Professional by day, Eddie entered the world of cosplay in 2013 and is the go-getter of the group. He is best known for his Green Lantern Kilowog and various Game of Thrones costumes.
  • Fabian Pulgar – Is in Commercial Real Estate by day and started cosplay in 2015. Fabian is best known for his 8.5ft tall Carnage costume. He has become the spirit and heart of the Paladins since joining in 2018.
  • Eric Kam – A professional recruiter learned his crafting skills during a 4 week con-crunch that allowed him to learn many tricks of the trade. His past studies of in architecture help him hone his skills and accomplished 8 costumes in a that 4 weeks pan. He is best known for his Wolv-Venom cosplay.

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