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Mike Baaden

Mike Baaden


Mike lives in Macungie Pa with his wife and children. Growing up Mike’s love of pop culture stems from the mid 80’s and early 90’s movies and cartoons like Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel comics, DC comics, and Nintendo games. Mike also got into bodybuilding while he was in high school to be better in sports and to improve his overall physique to best look like the champions in his favorite muscle mags and or his favorite comic superhero’s. Cosplay was Introduced to Mike back in 2008 by his friend Kevin Diplacido. Mike loved the idea of combining together his love of fitness and pop culture to create the best Hero’s, villains, and video game characters that best embodied him. You have seen him cosplaying as one of his many Aquaman costumes, Namor costumes, or witnessed him competing on the 2015 NYCC Cosplay Championship stage in his Avengers Age of Ultron Vision costume. Mike has also created many more costumes not only for himself but for his family, friends, and others as well. To name a few there Is Omega Red, Magneto, Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, Black Adam, Shazam, Adam Warlock, Ronan, Thor, Orm Ocean Master, Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Quasar and many more. Mike is also part of the 300DC community. Every year he takes part marching to a beautiful death in the hot gates of Atlanta, Georgia with his fellow Spartan warriors in the Dragon Con parade. Along the way, Mike continues to learn and test himself on multiple and new methods to help build, shape, and mold future projects.

On Social Media: Facebook- Mike Baaden or Heroworks Studio YouTube- Michael Baaden Instagram- m.b_aquatic_hero

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