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Michael DeAngelo

Michael DeAngelo


Michael DeAngelo is a spinner of fantasy tales for those that love the genre. With a vast fantasy series under his belt, he creates worlds. He conveys the stories that the denizens of the realm are unable to, turning heroes into legends and villains into horrors unlike anything you can imagine.

He crafts epics about extraordinary folks who are thrust into a world of danger and intrigue, and designs plots that make you contemplate if such a world could truly exist, placed atop a setting of majesty and wonder. He is the author of the Tellest series of fantasy novels and novellas, where imagination goes to play, and the world is in your hands. He is also the lead creator of the tabletop game Quantum Quest, and its upcoming sequel.

My website is www.tellest.com, and my social media accounts are @tellest and https://www.facebook.com/TellestBooks/

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