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Matthew Reid

Matthew Reid

Author and illustrator Matthew Reid is currently working on his third independent publication. Having toured the United States in support of his latest picture book, Mihn, he speaks a universal message of prayer and the importance of a meditative life. Matthew’s example works to slow down daily pace, while re-introducing the concept of love in moment to moment processes; where failure is equally important to success, and joy can be made from both.

Ignited by a childhood love of nature, the evolution and design of his work wanders playfully through this world and the one beyond. His imagination is untethered and grounded in the persistence of his personal pilgrimage. Unlimited by the definitions of traditional canvas or the boundaries of home, his characters have found solace on everything from skate decks to buses, buildings, and any space that asks for a mural. Plagued by the care of meticulous line work and scrawling calligraphy, Matthew’s work is laced with the sweetness of wondering. Emanating with gratitude. And through them, he gives himself away.
-Rachel Cuyler 

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