UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

LiviDoll 2019

LiviDoll 2019


LiviDoll was born to shine and inspire. She is no stranger to the stage. Growing up a dancer and gymnast, she moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where she instantly gained traction as a performer. She has graced the stages for music artists in Los Angeles, NY, Las Vegas, and Miami. Her love for cosplay comes from performing. She values the ability to take on a character and play it full out. She is most well known for her Wonder Woman, however, she cosplays Rogue, Mara Jade, and Harley Quinn as well. LiviDoll is not just a pretty face, as an engineer, she loves to showcase her skills by building and sewing her cosplays from scratch. In addition to attending Cons and Celebrations across the US, LiviDoll’s passions include supporting diversity is action film genre for Urban Action Showcase. She’s a live content curator for some of cosplay’s largest Instagram accounts and finds herself most at home when she’s at a Con. LiviDoll’s credits include Jenni V, Jes Brieden, Black Eyed Peas’ Tabu, and Suga Free. She is well known for her performance diversity as a stage chameleon. LiviDoll has hosted everything from podcasts, to YouTube reactions, to the car show circuit on the speed channel. If you haven’t seen her trending on BuzzFeed’s most loved NYCC cosplay’s, you may have seen her walking in fashion shows like Von Dutch and Insanity on Melrose. Getting her nickname from her petite size, you can find this kind and genuine soul on Instagram @misslividoll with her contagious smile and positive outlook on life. We all need a little extra LiviDoll in our lives.

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