UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020
Keystone Ghostbusters


Established and officially certified by Ghost Corps., the Keystone ghostbusters were formed by Andrew Leflar and Tony Rojas in 2016. With the focus on cons and showing our love for The Ghostbusters lore, we also do charitable work of all types when available. We proudly serve the PA/NJ/DE tri-state area by focusing on community service. Active and peripheral members are: Andrew Leflar, CO and co-founder Tony Rojas, XO and co-founder Bud Bullen, Treasurer Jason Pozar, PR Matt Snyder, SNCO Zach Greybill, CPL. Adam Gamler, equipment David Hine-Fryberger Mike Durrenberger Alexandra DeEsch Ben Leflar Jamie Leflar Kai Pozar We’re ready to believe you!

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