UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Danny Lantern 2019

Danny Lantern 2019


Danny Lantern is a Philadelphia native, he started his cosplay journey at a young age when he would make his own Halloween costumes. Danny from there grew up and started attending events and realized that there is a whole world of costuming other than Halloween. Danny joined the Philadelphia Ghostbusters in 2008 where they would go out and raise money for certain causes like autism and juvenile diabetes. Danny would go on to start making his own costumes based on characters he loved but with his own twist. From there he joined the Pennsylvania heroes Alliance to go and support kids at events and even hospitals. Danny has been to many events and comic cons, dressing up from all comic book, anime, video games and other pop culture characters. Danny is known best for his Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Danny Phantom. Recently you can see Danny in blizzard entertainment cosplay book as Solider 76 from the game overwatch. Danny has been cosplaying for pretty much his whole life and has accomplished a lot and he still has a lot to do and give.

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