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Connie Mecha

Connie Mecha

Connie Mecha, or Connie’s Mecha Cosplay, started building and cosplaying 7 years ago on a dare. That first costume turned into a passion. A full-time Electro-mechanical technician based in Connecticut, Connie has a love for robots that stems way back into the 70s. Her favorite childhood shows were mainly based around robots. Mazinger Z. Reideen, Tetsujin. In the 80s, when Transformers started, it was instant love and became a huge part of her life that still grows to this day. Being able to build and become some of her favorite robots is a passion now. Her first cosplay being Autobot Cosmos who, although is retired, may sometimes still make appearances. She prides herself on being a bit different in both characters and building style. Most notable are her ChoRyuJin cosplay and Bakunetsumaru Gundam, both are rarely ever seen in the cosplay community across the world. Currently, you can find her running around as her lifetime favorite Transformer, Autobot Jazz, or teaching panels on building mecha costumes out of things around the house. She truly enjoys helping others get the confidence to build, no matter what their skill level is. Recently she broadened her skills from mecha and has developed a Krampus and works closely with The Krampus Society of New England, a non-profit charity organization, and she designed an original adaptation of her personal favorite superhero, Ant-Man. Connie loves meeting people and talking shop. She also likes to prove that age is just a number, being that she is almost 50, and size doesn’t matter.

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