UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020
Christopher Paniccia

The Gridiron Conspiracy Trilogy, The Haven Series


Christopher Paniccia is the award winning author of the very popular Sci-Fi Trilogy, The Gridiron Conspiracy. As a War Veteran and a Professional football player he places his autobiographical stamp on The Gridiron Conspiracy. His new series, The Haven series has critics raving. He is also an award winning illustrator and publisher. His stories have been in many anthologies and his illustrations in multiple publications.

Mr. Paniccia speaks around the country and world about writing and the publishing process. His latest talk to the LA Writers Group was sold out. He continues to share his keen outlook on writing in the hopes of inspiring other writers to build their brand.

As an investigator he spends his time in search for the truth behind many of today’s greatest conspiracies. The question of, are we alone is most prevalent in his reporting.

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