UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020
Chris Flick

Artist Alley

Chris is a professional freelance illustrator as well as a full time graphic, web and UI/UX designer working in the Washington DC area. In 2007, Chris created the webcomic, Capes & Babes featuring a werewolf that hangs out in a comic book store by the same name.

Chris has created over 1200 Capes & Babes strips all of which you can read for free at www.capesnbabes.com.

Chris is also a member of The Webcomic Alliance (www.webcomicalliance.com) – a group dedicated to helping web and comic creators at all levels. They produce two free podcasts a month. And, when he’s not busy referring to himself in the third person, somehow he manages to find time to attend several dozen conventions all along the east coast of the United States throughout the year.

You can find Chris on Facebook, Twitter and Patreon as “Capesnbabes”. On Instagram, you can find him follow him @chrisflickart. You can also visit his professional design and illustration portfolio site at www.csfgraphics.com or email him at capesnbabes@gmail.com.

Chris would also like you to know that if you visit his table at any time during this convention and greet him with a loud werewolf howl, he’ll give you a free gift simply as a sign of appreciation for supporting his work.

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