UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Celeste Huang Studios

Celeste Huang Studios

Artist Alley

If you’re reading this, let me tell you a few things about why I do what I do:

1. I believe art in all its creative forms helps us rise above the noise of everyday life and appreciate all that our wonderful world can offer;

2. When I have a pencil, spray can, stylus or camera in my hand I feel invincible and with those tools I can speak for myself as well as be a voice for others who aren’t being heard; and

3. I’m still working on it but I want to make the world both a prettier and happier place through my work and art.

My creative work extends across multiple media, including digital graphic novels, building-size murals, oil painting, charcoals, photography and mixed media. Thank you for looking and you can see more at www.CelesteHuangStudios.com — Celeste Huang

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