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Brendon and Brian Fraim

Brendon and Brian Fraim

Identical twin illustrators Brendon and Brian Fraim are known for their work on covers and interior illustrations for KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE and Hero Games’ line of Champions Role-Playing Games. They illustrated the Harvey Award-nominated ANTIQUES: The Comic Strip and drew the comic book sections in the Random House novel, WOLF BOY. They drew THE ODD SQUAD published by Devil’s Due, the three-issue series VAMPIRE, PA from Moonstone, and KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE from Action Lab Entertainment. For American Mythology Productions, they are the lead artists of THE THREE STOOGES and their creator-owned book STARRING SONYA DEVEREAUX. They also draw sketch cards for Upper Deck (Marvel) and Cryptozoic (DC). They are also the artists for the six-part digital comic THE FLIGHT found at http://acesweekly.co.uk/

Visit their website at http://www.brosfraim.com

Thanks and we’ll see you in April!
Brendon and Brian Fraim

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