UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Audri Dubois

Audri Dubois

Audri Dubois will be appearing at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Audrey Dubois Marchionno was the first casted Trini, original yellow, Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. After completing the pilot episode, Audrey went on to complete a few independent projects, worked as a stunt choreographer and a stunt double. Audrey was presented the Master rank of GoDan, 5th-degree black belt from world famous Great Grand Master, Louis D. Casamassa, founder of Red Dragon Karate and the American Karate Kung Fu Federation. Currently, training under the watchful eye of Grand Master Instructor Michael Jablonski, Instructor of numerous world champions; Audrey continues her training. A former International Karate champion, Audrey was inducted into the American Karate Kung Fu Hall of Fame and awarded Female Competitor of the Decade 1980-1990. In November of 2016, Audrey received a martial arts lifetime achievement award.

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