UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020
Andre ‘Chyna’ McCoy



Andre “Chyna” McCoy is a well versed and skilled martial artist, actor and a creative entity. After arriving on the shores of California in 1995, Chyna chased his dreams of being on screen. During that time he went from being an extra to a featured extra to landing a major lead role on the TV show Pacific Blue. In 1997, Chyna was given the Honor to get his first job as the Action Fight Stunt double of Lawrence Fishburne’s Morpheus in The Matrix. He would later go on to double Fishburne again in Matrix Reloaded. After a long stint on The Matrix Films, Chyna went on to act in independent Films where his skillset led him to starring leading man roles where he got to showcase his acting chops as well as his Martial Arts abilities. Chyna was given his first role, as a Capoeira expert in the straight to Video Film The Ultimate Game. During his acting career, he spent numerous hours on end creating a new Character to fit his persona. Bayne, a hybrid Werewolf with King Vampire Blood. Chyna went on to write and create a full bleed comic book, 3 screenplays for a feature, an and animated teaser as well for his creation. Chyna also won the Award for (next Action Breakout Star), and is quickly on his way to becoming the—- NEW GENERATION OF ACTION HEROES.

Email Chyna McCoy: milanmccoy@gmail.com

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