UPCOMING SHOW: April 3rd-5th, 2020

Aaron Lunger

Aaron Lunger


Aaron Lunger is an Electrical Engineer by day, husband, father, prop builder and cosplayer by night. Working within the confines of his “Batcave” as he likes to call it, he designs and builds props and cosplays for friends and family, as well as for the cosplay community at large. Having only started in 2015, he shot for the moon and built his dream cosplay right from the start, and built an Ironman suit. He then moved onto other anime, game, and comic characters from pop culture and has become best known for his portrayal of Rinzler/Tron. Having an interest in Fallout, he decided to use the name “Wasteland Creations” for all his cosplay fun. He has also been active in various regional cosplay charity groups such as the Central PA Avengers and Cosplayers Care, usually wearing a Spiderman costume. His favorite part about cosplay is meeting other cosplayers and prop builders, talking ‘shop’, and helping others build their costumes.

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