UPCOMING SHOW: April 12th - 14th, 2019


Kidz Corner is a kids and teens friendly area within The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! Kidz Corner will provide hours of fun with entertaining and educational programs just for kids & teens including interactive opportunities, costume contests, face painting, crafts, and more!

Costume contest

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! is excited to announce the Kids Costume Contest! The contest will take place at 12:30 PM on Sunday, April 29 at Kidz Corner.

All kids 12 or under are encouraged to participate. Any costume is eligible as long as it complies with The Great Philadelphia Comic Con Cosplay and Weapons Policies.  There is no judging as part of our Kids Costume Contest. All participants will receive a prize.

All participants must be The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! attendees.

Classes & Workshops

GET IN TOON with COMIC CLUBHOUSE is an exciting program that allows young people the opportunity to be inspired and let their imaginations soar! Our aim is to teach kids and teens about the comic book/graphic novel industry, animation, and puppetry. Learn more about Get In Toon with Comic Clubhouse! 


Fun-filled workshops/classes on character design, storytelling, and art showing young people all the ins & outs of what goes into making a comic book. Participants will create & complete their own comics.  As a culminating event, the participants will organize & showcase their works at the “COMIC CON” for family & friends.


Learn how to create animations. Understand the principles of animation, storytelling, concept art, storyboarding, and how to create an animated short.



Want to try your “hand” at being a puppeteer? Learn the “secrets” of lip-sync and manipulation used by professional puppeteers and get to make a simple puppet.

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