Where is The Great Philadelphia Comic Con?
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA 19456
When is The Great Philadelphia Comic Con?

April 2021 

Exact Dates To Be Announced! Check back soon for more information. 

Is the show postponed until april 2021?

Yes! The show is postponed currently till April 2021 (exact dates to be announced soon)

For more information, please visit www.philadelphiacomiccon.com/covid-19-notice

How can I purchase tickets?
You may purchase tickets at the door, or you may purchase them in advance on our Buy Tickets page.

  • All passes gain entry to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!
  • Bring your Growtix print out with the QR Code to the event for admittance.
  • Children 10 and under get in FREE when accompanied by a paid adult.
  • Credit card will be charged at time of purchase.
Are there refunds on admission tickets?


If I leave the show, can I re-enter or do I have to pay again?

Yes, you can re-enter without paying again. Please keep your wrist band or collectible lanyard clearly visible to gain entry into the main showroom.

Are kids welcome?
Absolutely! All children 10 & under are FREE with a paying adult.
Professional Photo Ops, what’s that?

A professional photo is taken by a professional photographer. Our professional photographer will take and print an 8×10 photo of you and celebrity guest(s) onsite under professional lighting and in front of a backdrop. A photo op is not a meet & greet. Photo Ops do not include an autograph (unless otherwise noted). You can meet a celebrity guest and get your item autographed when the celebrity is at their table in celebrity row. For more information on photo ops, please see our Show Policies.

What's the deal with VIP Passes?

VIP passes are limited packages that include a ticket to show and can also include autograph(s), photo op(s), shirts, swag, and special access to show areas (such as reserved seating in panels). Please visit Buy Tickets to purchase VIP Passes with a detailed list of available VIP Passes.

Will guests do photos at their table?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Ultimately, it is up to each guest. If we know in advance we will announce it for some guests, but your best bet is always to ask.

Will the Celebrity Guests be signing autographs?

You can purchase an autograph from a Celebrity Guest at their table in Celebrity Row. Autograph prices are set by the Celebrity (not the show) and can change at any time. The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! does not sell Celebrity autographs. PLEASE NOTE: Autographs are NOT included in a Photo Op (unless noted otherwise). A Photo Op is a professional photo taken by the show photographer.

If I bring my own item with me, will a guest sign it?

Most will, yes, but not always. You will need to ask each guest individually.

How Much Are Autographs?
Due to actors potentially changing pricing, we do not post prices until we are certain they will not change.  ON AVERAGE. the cost for an autograph at our events is in the $40-50 range, with some outliers being higher or lower.

If it is at all possible to post pricing we will do so prior to an event.

Will there be an ATM nearby?

Yes, there are multiple ATM’s onsite, located at the entrance, and a number of local bank branches in the area.

Can I wear a costume?

Costumes are not only supported, they are encouraged! In fact, we even have costume contests at many of our events! Visit see our Show Policies for information about Costumes, Weapons and Cosplay.

Is the show handicap accessible?

Yes! The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center is a single floor venue and has bathrooms with handicap stalls.

How can I get a press pass?

Interested on covering The Great Philadelphia Comic Con? Great! Please use our Press Application page to sign up.

Can I set up as an Exhibitor/Artist?

Yes. Please visit our Exhibitor/Artist Application page for more information. Once you submit your application and payment, a representative from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! will confirm your application submission. Please note that you will not be guaranteed a table without both application and payment submitted BEFORE the show. All submissions will not be guaranteed unless a confirmation email from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! noting booth number.

Do Exhibitors & Artists take credit cards?

Most exhibitors, artists and guests do take credit cards, but for the most part cash is king!

I've got a cool idea for a panel, where can I send that to you guys?

We’re always looking for new, interesting, and fun programming! Please submit a Panel Submission application.

Can I bring a weapon as part of my cosplay costume?

Costumes and cosplay are totally welcome at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! While we recognize that cosplay is a BIG part of making our event great, we do want to make sure that everyone has a fun and SAFE time at the event. Please read our Cosplay and Costume Policy on our Show Policies page.

Do you prohibit people who are affiliated with a specific political party or ideology?
We believe our shows are a place for people of multiple backgrounds, fandoms, and yes, political ideologies to come together and enjoy entertainment and nostalgia that cross those “boundaries”. Our motto is “Get UR Geek On!” precisely because in the end, we are all just Geeks looking to enjoy a good weekend together.
What's the deal with the Door Prizes?

We love our fans. So much so that we love to give away door prizes. When you enter the show, be sure to stop by the sign-up table to fill out an entry form for a chance to win an awesome prize. Winners will be announced throughout the day and posted on a display near the door prize sign-up table with instructions on how to claim a door prize. Any unclaimed prizes will NOT be shipped – although every effort will be made to contact the winner during the show hours, so be sure to fill out your entry form completely.

Want to volunteer?

Our volunteers rock! Please visit the Volunteers page for more information about our policies and how to sign up. 

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