We have some sad news. The September 4-6, 2020 show is postponed to April 2021.

Due to the efforts by the government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, certain restrictions and safety protocols have been put into place regarding live events including the recent order that indoor gatherings of more than 25 people are now prohibited. With an average daily attendance that far surpasses that, not including vendors, guests, and staff, our event is well outside the limit of what is now acceptable. Unfortunately, there is no expectation that these restrictions will be lifted prior to our planned September event date.

With these orders in place in our state, as well as other states that are advising limited or no travel, we have a situation that affects our vendors, celebrity guests, attendees, and even staff and volunteers. While the staff has been working constantly trying to find a workable and fair solution, we realize that it is now time for us to accept that there is simply no feasible way to hold The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! 2020 on our rescheduled September dates.

With the health and safety of everyone in mind, we will be postponing the entire show to 2021. It is our intention to hold the show in our normal timeline of mid-April, but we will of course be keeping a close eye on things as they develop. Once we are confident that we can hold a safe event, we will announce the exact dates.

The good news is we have been in contact with our celebrity guest and the majority of them have agreed (barring any further unforeseeable challenges) to reschedule their appearance to the 2021 show.

Additionally, we are now actively working on a virtual option with some of our celebrity guests, so keep watching this space for announcements on how to take part in those panels and other fun events should we be able to work out the all details.

We understand that this is a disappointment to you, but we assure you that we have been actively working hard to try and find a way to hold the 2020 event in a manner that was both safe and of the standard you expect. As an independently owned convention, we do not have the resources that the larger corporate events have to cushion this blow. The 24-month gap from GPCC 2019 to GPCC 2021 is going to be a particularly challenging time for ownership and the staff. We are truly very appreciative of you all. Your existing reservations, along with pre-COVID-19 ticket sales are all that exists to ensure that The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2021 takes place. Without your support, we would cease to exist, and that would be heartbreaking for all of us. So, once again, thank you.

We sincerely apologize to all of you who were looking forward to attending GPCC 2020. We hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us, and we can once again gather to celebrate getting our geek on with our con family! Until then, we hope that you all stay healthy and wash your hands!!



Any ticket you purchased online is still valid and will remain so for the April 2021 show (exact dates to be announced soon).  

This is an automated process, and you do not need to email us or do anything further.


We have been working hard to secure the same guest list, and thankfully the majority of them have agreed to reschedule their appearance to the 2021 show.

Any Photo Ops purchased for the 2020 show will remain valid for the April 2021 show. 

If the guest you wish to have a photo op with cannot attend the 2021 show, the photo op can be transferred to a new guest photo op (of equal monetary value) of your choice. If for any reason a celebrity is unable to attend, please contact Wolf Studios Photography and they will be able to assist you in getting those your photo op sorted out or refunded.

For more information, please visit

exhibitor information

Each exhibitor will still have their paid and guaranteed spots at the rescheduled show in April 2021. 

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